Our Team

Clinical Associates uses an innovative system known as Complete Care to optimize patient care before, during and after procedures. This includes…

  • Analyzing pre-admission testing and pre-operative evaluations to make sure each patient is in optimal condition before their procedure..
  • Discussing anesthesia choices with each patient and recommending an anesthesia technique ideally suited to the patient’s medical condition and type of procedure.
  • Monitoring patients thoroughly after their procedure. We use the most modern techniques to optimize comfort, completely control pain, and minimize any negative side effects of anesthesia.
  • Postoperative nausea and vomiting is almost totally eliminated through skillful use of modern anesthetics and preventative medications. Patient-controlled analgesia, tailored to each patient’s needs, is also available to provide superior pain control without the side effects of untoward medications.

Our national network of leaders include direct daily involvement with our Chief Medical Officer, Chief Operating Officer and Executive Vice President, all of which are anesthesia practitioners as well as Corporate Administrators.